There are three main components to your kitchen exhaust system: the hood, the duct, and the fan. All of your exhaust system’s parts need regular cleaning and maintenance, so why not add access doors to make the job much easier? Our access doors can provide easy access to ducts, fans, and other compartments in your commercial kitchen or restaurant to make cleaning, installation, and maintenance a breeze.

Types of Access Doors

High Temp Access Panel

Our high temp access panels are designed to meet NFPA 96 standards. These doors have gaskets rated to 1000°, but you can also choose to upgrade to 2300° below. With their specialized gaskets and frame-less design, these doors feature quick and easy installation and need no measuring, drilling, or welding to install and seal. Instead, a self-adhesive template is provided for the exact size of the duct opening required. These high temp access doors have wing nuts and thumb bolts for effortless opening and closing, but the doors can also be completely removed for thorough cleaning as well.

Fan Access Door

Use these doors to gain easy access to your exhaust system’s fan. Similar to our high temp access panels, our uninsulated fan access doors feature a self-adhesive template that we provide based on the size of the door you choose. These uninsulated fan access doors open and close easily without any tools required.

Flat Grease Duct Access Door

These heavy-duty 16 gauge steel doors (stainless steel models are also available) have gaskets rated to 2300ºF (1260ºC) for a fire tight seal. The bolt patterns on our flat grease duct access doors ensure a fire-safe closure. The back frame reinforces the duct cutout, and the access panels do not require welding to install. These U.L rated access doors are available in both standard and custom sizes, and can be made available with extended four-inch studs to accommodate fire wraps as well.

Curved Grease Duct Access Door

Much like our flat access panels, our curved grease duct access doors are made of heavy-duty 15 gauge steel or stainless steel. Designed for round ducts, they also have gaskets rated to 2300ºF (1260ºC) for a fire tight seal. No welding is needed to install the doors, and they are easy to open and clean too. These U.L rated doors have a positive bolt pattern to ensure fire-safe closures and a back frame that reinforces the duct cutout.