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The thermostat turns the boiler on and off at a predetermined temperature by responding to the water temperature. Most thermostats have two major components, a switch and a sensor. Temperature changes affect the sensor, which in turn operates the switch. The rise in temperature creates a break in an electrical circuit to turn the boiler off. when the sensor cools, the circuit is completed and the burner resumes firing.

Technical NotesThe GP Remote Probe Thermostat is a capillary tube thermostat. It relies on a viscous liquid to respond to temperature changes and open/close the switch. A capillary thermostat consists of a sensing bulb and tube with an extremely small internal diameter partially filled with a special compound, which expands when heated and activates the switch. This thermostat can be mounted at a distance from the sensing bulb.

Panel mounted dual-scale knob
Rapid response
Nickel plated probe resists corrosion
60 inch insulated capillary tube
UL/CAS approved
Temperature Range: 86 to 302 Degrees F.
Maximum Pressure: 4000 PSI
Electric Rating: 16(4)-380V
Sensing Element: Nickel-Plated Copper


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