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Rotomax Rotating Turbo Nozzle

#3 Black Dot 2.5-5.5 GPM
Designed to improve the cleaning efficiency of your high pressure washer by producing a rotating action that greatly expands the contact area of the cleaning stream, while providing the impact of a zero degree nozzle.

The unique internal design allows aim and shoot operation even when cleaning overhead, and permits easy replacement of all wear parts. Sized according to flow rate, rotomax is perfect for your toughest cleaning tasks.

NOTE: Do not tighten the Rotomax by the plastic cover. Use a wrench on the hex portion of the inlet nipple (#10 on the parts break down). This will avoid stripping the holding screw on the plastic cover.

Also, tightening the hex too much will prevent the rotor from spinning.
Always use with a high pressure inlet filter.

Technical Notes
Maximum Pressure: 3500 PSI
Maximum Temperature: 200 F.
Port Size: 1/4″FPT inlet
Weight: .6lb.

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Use without an inline filter VOIDS warranty.


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