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Grease Filter Removal Tool

Grease Filter Removal Tool:

Make removal of your grease baffle filters easier and cleaner with the “New and Improved” Grease Filter Removal Tool. Made with heavy Galvanized steel, this tool is approximately 56″ long and allows for ease and cleanliness with removal and manuevering of commercial grease baffle filters in and out of hoods. The Tool handles the hot and greasy filters, preventing burns and greasy hands.  This is a must for commercial kitchens and hood cleaning companies.

Assembly of Baffle Grease Filter Removal Tool:

The Baffle tool comes unassembled for ease of shipping.  The tool comes in 2 parts, the Handle and the Head, which has fingers.  Slide the head of the tool on the handle with the longer fingers with the 90-degree bend the same direction as the bend of the handle.  With the head fully inserted onto handle; tighten screw securely but do not overtighten or the threads could become damaged.  Check each time before using the handle to secure the head.  Personal injury could result.

Operating Instructions:

How the device works:  Insert the shorter fingers of the head of the device into the top lip of the Grease Filter, installing toward the center line of the filter; with fingers inserted; push handle inward until lower hooked fingers fit into the opening between vertical panels; then pull handle outward until lower side of filter is clear of holding channeel; lower filter.

To Reinstall:

Raise until top side of the filter slides into the top of the filter channel; push handle inward until lower side of filter is in line with the lower holding channel; then lower handle until filter rests inside of the lower holding channel.  The slide hooked fingers out from under the vertical panel and remove tool.




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