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The fuel pump moves the fuel oil from the fuel tank to the fuel nozzle. It is driven by the burner motor. The pump uses a meshed gearset to squeeze fuel through the pump at about 100 to 200 PSI. Pump pressure is read at the gauge port and adjusted with the pressure adjusting screw.

Most fuel pump problems are due to either imporper installation or clogging with debris. Guaranteeing a clean, water free, fuel supply will do more than anything to prolong fuel pump life. Constant readjustment of pressure or other settings on the fuel pump will result in inreliable fuel pump action.


IMPORTANT: The fuel pump is lubricated by fuel oil. running the pump dry or with water in the fuel will cause pump failure.


Technical Notes


Model A Single Stage Pump

Use Fuel Oil #2

Mount in any direction.

Shaft Rotation: RH-RH

RPM: 3450

Nozzle Capacity: 3 GPH

Rated Pressure: 100 PSI

Weight: 3.6 LBS.




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