24 x 18 Round Ductwork Sandwich High Temp Access Panel


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24 x 18 Round Ductwork Sandwich High Temp Access Panel Round Duct High Temp Access Panels Technical Data Tested to 20″ WG positive pressure, withstood 10″ negative pressure with no leakage noted. Features and Advantages Quick Installation. No measuring (self-adhesive cut-around template provided). No frame to install and seal. Effortless opening and closing. No tools required. Conical springs and plastic hand knobs make operation easy. Air tight seal. Due to the design and neoprene gasket. Reduced friction. The inside surface of the door is smooth. Installation ?Remove protective backing from template and adhere to duct wall in desired location. ?Cut opening around perimeter of template. ?Install door in opening (insert at an angle). ?Tighten knobs finger-tight (do not overtighten). Guarantees The Sandwich Access Doors are guaranteed against defective material. Technical Services Detailed installation instructions illustrating easy step-by-step procedures are available from the manufacturer and shipped in each box of access doors. Access Doors for Grease Duct and Hi-Temperature Applications Gasket Hi-Temperature Fiberglass Rope (1000 F. max) or Ceramic Fiber Gasket (2300 F. max – meets NFPA 96 standards) is permanently bonded to front (top) plate of access door to eliminate leakage. Conical Springs are installed over the bolts, between the inner and outer door to facilitate opening. Hi-Temperature Access Door application approval resides with authority having jurisdiction. Template Duct opening cut-out template is provided for exact size of Duct opening required. Inside Door The two layers of metal are spotwelded together at the rim. Inside surface of Access Door is smooth, to reduce friction. Knobs Zinc coated wing nuts are easily turned by hand, no wrenches required.

Weight 19.00 lbs
Dimensions 25.00 × 19.00 × 8.00 in