You can be great at what you do, but if you don’t know how to sell your services to buyers, no one will ever know. And while word-of-mouth referrals from existing customers is a powerful marketing tactic, you can’t rely on that alone. Use these tips to help your hood cleaning company’s sales and marketing, and gain more customers!

Marketing Your Business


  • Determine who your ideal customer or target audience is. It might seem like casting a wide net will catch a lot of fish, but how much are the fish worth if they are inedible? Before trying to sell your services, decide who your target customer is. Ask yourself: Who is most likely to need or use my services? This will prevent you from wasting time marketing your business to every single restaurant in town. Instead, maybe you’ll want to only work in certain neighborhoods that other kitchen hood cleaning companies don’t serve. Or maybe you’ll want to target hospitals, nursing home, schools, hotels, and facilities other than restaurants. Once you know exactly who your customer is, you can design your marketing efforts to target them.
  • Brand your business. The word “brand” gets thrown around a lot these days, but that’s because branding your business is so important! Branding doesn’t just mean creating a logo, business cards, flyers, and company uniforms; it is what your company’s values, goals, and missions are. This may seem like an unnecessary stretch for a kitchen hood cleaning company, but when people buy from a business, they are looking for an experience rather than a single monetary exchange. If you want loyal customers who keep returning to you for business, you will want to focus on branding. It will also help you gain a competitive advantage over other similar businesses. Ask yourself: What does my company do differently? What sets us apart from the others? What can customers get from us that they can’t find anywhere else? This might mean focusing on being an environmentally-friendly hood cleaning company, a family-owned business that places high value on work-life balance for employees, or providing exceptional customer service.

Selling Your Services

Once you have determined who you want to sell your services to and how you will accomplish that, it is time to get into the nitty gritty of actually marketing and selling the services you offer.


  • Build an online presence. You’ll need a website that people can visit, complete with your business’ address, phone number, and other important contact information. You may even want to include photos of the business owners, managers, employees, etc. to add a personal touch. Make sure your business is on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and review websites like Yep and Google too. It not only adds credibility to your company but allows people to quickly find you online, which makes you and your services easily accessible to potential customers.
  • Start a newsletter or email marketing campaign. Email is one of the quickest and least expensive ways to reach current and potential customers. Include a newsletter signup form on your website and collect email addresses of existing customers to send them a monthly newsletter with useful information and company updates. Hired a new employee? Purchased the latest state-of-the-art equipment? Have any discounts or promotions coming up? Let your customers know!
  • Get certified. Starting and maintaining a hood cleaning business requires a lot more than just knowledge of how to clean things. The easiest way you can make sure your business is legitimate and gain a competitive advantage is by getting professionally certified in accordance to the NFPA 96 standards. Kitchen hood cleaning businesses are government mandated and enforced by local fire inspectors and insurance companies, so attending a kitchen hood cleaning school is a good way to ensure your business is up to required specifications and can act as a powerful selling tool by letting your customers know they are working with a company in compliance with important safety laws.
  • Network. Networking is one of the oldest tools in the trade. If you are a new company and don’t have a professional network you can work with, join professional and trade organizations. These will not only provide events where you can meet like-minded people, but opportunities to learn as well. Being an active member in business organizations can also help add to the validity of your company and provides opportunities to be a part of trade shows. You will also want to network with individuals outside of your industry. This provides additional opportunities that you might not otherwise encounter with industry-only folks as well as helps to build personal relationships. Volunteer, offer to act as a speaker at events to share your expertise, or attend local community events; being more than just a faceless company will help add prestige and integrity to your company.


Selling your services doesn’t have to be an expensive and time-consuming project. If you invest a little bit of effort in the beginning, you can build your business into a powerhouse and sell your services to customers to keep them coming back again and again.