Whether you are a handyman, an electrician, the owner of a hood and duct cleaning business, or a plumber; you need the tools of your trade close by, and the easiest way to accomplish this is to have a truck or outfitted trailer ready to go. While many craftsmen choose to hand-fill their trucks with the necessary tools depending on the job of the day, or build out their own trailers to suit their specific needs, purchasing a pre-outfitted trailer is both an easy and cost efficient choice as well.

Outfitted trailers are enclosed custom-built utility trailers that can be bought with all the tools and equipment you need already installed in the trailer, keeping your equipment dry and protected from the elements on the job and allowing you to work smart. Not only does this save you time on having to seek out, select, purchase, and install single pieces of equipment but it has the potential to be less expensive too since you are buying a “package” instead of individual tools.

We offer deluxe 5-foot x 8-foot x 4-foot outfitted trailers with aluminum fenders and a smooth aluminum exterior, 15-inch steel wheels, a flat roof, ⅜-inch plywood walls (extra insulation available upon request), ¾-inch pressure treated plywood flooring, a 24-inch side door bolt lock, and 5-foot x 4-foot double rear cargo doors with cam locks. Our trailers include 2 ladder racks, easy lube hubs, trailer running lights, a quick release trailer stand, and can be custom build to suit your needs.*

One example of how our trailers can be tailored to your personal or business needs is this outfitted trailer build specifically for a hood and duct cleaning business. This trailer includes a wide variety of tools and equipment including:

1 tool box (100 piece tool kit)
2 50-foot sections of R2 4500 psi high-pressure non-marking hose with Quick Disconnects
1 adjustable pressure wand with rinse tip
1 hose faucet connector adapter
1 high-pressure nozzle
1 turbo nozzle
1 24-foot Type I aluminum extension ladder, heavy-duty
1 step ladder
1 wet/dry vacuum with hose
2 50-foot sections of heavy-duty hot water hose
1 4 way water valve key
2 suction cups
1 50-foot 10 gauge extension cord
1 25-foot extension cord
1 halogen portable work light
1 heavy duty flashlight
1 roll of plastic wrap (200 feet)
1 grease catch can (28 gallons with caster wheels)
1 18-inch floor squeegee with 60-inch threaded metal tip extension pole
1 stainless steel regular 6-inch squeegee with 24-foot extension pole
1 chemical storage container
15 assorted clamps
2 magnets
10 assorted scrapers
1 roll duct tape
1 dozen terry cloth towels
1 spray bottle
1 fuel container (2 gallons)
1 chemical sprayer (2 gallons)
1 pair grease boots (please specify size)
1 pair heavy duty gloves
1 pair goggles
1 bag of heavy-duty degreaser beads (50 pounds)
1 can of stainless steel polish
1 gallon of light degreaser
1 nylon rope and rope caddy
1 pack of bungee cords
1 shallow plastic container “keepers box”
1 set of MSDS sheets
1 8-inch round galvanized stove pipe (5 feet)
1 8-inch round galvanized stove pipe, 90-foot elbow

*All items are subject to availability at time of purchase. Substitutions made are made without prior notification.  Every attempt will be made to purchase every item of your choosing.