As a business, it can be a pain to find accurate quotes and bids easily and in a streamlined manner. And unless you want to spend all day on the phone or taking time away from your customers to wait for an on-site visit, there’s generally nothing else you can do to receive quotes and make business deals. Until now.

If you are a restaurant or a commercial business, you can now receive accurate and straightforward bids for hood cleaning services directly over the phone, without an on-site visit. Not only does this save business owners time, money, and effort; you can also accept a quote on the spot and schedule an appointment without ever having to talk to someone.

This instant quote software—created by Josh Dodson former owner of GreasePro and Curt Kempton of Responsibid—offers hood cleaning quotes to businesses without anyone having to deal with the hassle of making phone calls, driving around, scheduling appointments, and taking time for jobs that might never happen.

The process is simple. For an example, check out Grease Pro’s:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the blue “Quick Estimate” button on the upper right of the webpage.
  3. Fill in your general contact information.
  4. Fill in your service details.
  5. Get a quote!

For more information on Responsibid, you can visit their website at, call them at (707) 968-7764, or fill in their contact form here.