If you own or operate a house cleaning, pressure washing, or window cleaning business or a lawn care, landscaping, or kitchen hood cleaning company you’ll want to be sure you take plenty of pictures. No, the photos aren’t for the memories, but they’re just as important!

Why Before and After Pictures are Important

Using the appropriate language and words to describe your business, the work you do, and even your company values and goals are critical; images, however, can speak volumes. Before and after photos highlight your talents and skills through transition and show your current customers what they can look forward to when working with you. The images can also appeal to potential clients and pique their interest in doing business with you.

How to Best Use Before and After Pictures


  • Advertising: In addition to using before and after visuals for your social media, use them for your advertising. Send them to customers via email newsletters or physical paper handouts. Print a great before and after on the back of your business cards. You can even get a wrap created for your company’s cars or vans. The uses are practically unlimited.
  • Liability: If you are working at a location and notice something is broken, torn, or damaged in some way, the smartest thing you can do before you begin working is take a photo of things, especially if there is something on the property that might interfere with you working to the best of your abilities. These photos can also come in handy to ensure you will not get blamed for the damages that were already there.
  • Technique: Before and after pictures are not only a great way to keep track of the way properties looked before you began working with them; they are also a great way to keep track of your employees’ and your own progress when it comes to your work! You will be able to see if there has been any improvement in your work as well as a progression or upgrade of your tools and equipment.


There’s nothing more fun that looking back at where you started. Before and after pictures not only show your clients the great work your company is capable of, but it’s also a great way to be able to see how far your business and employees have come!