Duct spinners are designed to clean ducts, trash chutes, vents, restaurant kitchen hoods, and tanks and make the perfect accessory for a hot or cold pressure washer. The best part is, duct spinners are made of corrosion-resistant materials and stainless steel self-lubricated bearings for long-lasting use.

How Duct Spinners Work

Duct spinners, which come available with either fixed or swivel arms, are self-rotating devices that attach to high pressure hoses or power washers to blast away dirt and grease. The rotating heads and 360-degree spray that duct spinners offer makes it easy to clean every nook and cranny of your kitchen hood. Sized to clean ducts, vents, and other parts of your commercial kitchen exhaust system, duct spinners come highly recommended by industry professionals. They are also perfect for cleaning pipes, shafts, drains, barrels, and other containers!

Some commercial exhaust professionals say you can get the same cleaning power with a cleaning wand, and while there is nothing wrong with cleaning wands—they are great for a variety of cleaning projects—a duct spinner takes cleaning vents and hard-to-reach places to a whole new level since they are specifically designed for exactly that.

Operating a duct spinner is easy. Simply attach it to your high pressure hose or pressure washer, and lower it into your vertical duct system. Duct spinners are typically controlled by a foot valve, ball valve, or other similar mechanism.

The Mosmatic Duct Spinner

Highly recommended by kitchen hood and exhaust system specialists, the Mosmatic Duct Spinner comes equipped with a new and improved carbide swivel, which offers the highest quality Swiss-made craftsmanship. The ⅜” NPTF water inlet connector comes standard in all duct cleaners.

Protected by a stainless steel cage, its rotor arm inside is guaranteed a prolonged life for maximum usage. The centerpieces of these duct spinners are the swivel, which is self-lubricating and contains stainless steel ball bearings and a carbide gasket system. They are designed for high revolutions and ensure long lasting durability. Best of all, the Mosmatic duct spinner has adjustable spray arms, so you can move them to create different spray angles for optimal cleaning power.

While some industry professionals prefer to go without or make their own versions of duct spinners, sometimes you have no other way of cleaning a 10-story vertical duct or vents with limited access! Purchasing ready-to-go duct spinners will make your cleaning job that much easier, and when you buy with us, you know you’re getting a reliable product.