I Highly Recommend Hood Cleaning Supplies For All Of Your Kitchen Grease Exhaust Cleaning Needs.
I Highly Recommend Hood Cleaning Supplies For All Of Your Kitchen Grease Exhaust Cleaning Needs.


Welcome to Hood Cleaning Supplies dba Advanced Marketing.  We specialize in Outfitting Kitchen Grease Exhaust Cleaning Companies In All Their Equipment and Chemical Needs.

Call 615-866-0804 With Any Questions. We are professional hood cleaners and we can help you with your questions.

We specialize in drop shipping wholesale restaurant grease exhaust filters directly to your customers.  The filters are shipped blind so your customer will not know what you paid for them. 

We offer FREE EXACT COST QUOTE via our software 24/7.  Just enter your items, tell the store where you want them shipped and who to bill them to, then select next and you will be given a free instant quote so that you will know your exact cost before purchasing.

Have Questions?  Call 615-866-0804 RIGHT NOW and ask.  If I don't answer, leave a message or Click Contact Us above and email me your question.

We carrry over 3700 items for all of your pressure washing and kitchen exhaust cleaning needs! DOWNLOAD a FREE Wholesale Pressure Washer Parts Catalog above.

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We have our own line of pressure washers and will custom build you any pressure washer that you can imagine. The Model BC-21XL is our premier kitchen exhaust cleaning machine.  It has been specifically modified for kitchen grease exhaust cleaning.  It has an adjustable thermostat to allow up to 280 F Steam with the convenience of a regular power washer.  It has hot water seals built into the pump to allow up to 180 F input water to be pumped without damaging the high temp seals.  By using this feature it will save fuel by using the heated water from the restaurant's hot water supply and then use your machine to heat it the rest of the way up to steam.

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Econo Hinge for fans less than 24"

Econo Hinge for fans less than 24"

Need a hinge that is more economical and the perfect fit for smaller fans? We have the perfect answer, the Econo Hinge Kit. Simply bolts to edge of fan and taps into the Curb and Voila you have a fan that is NFPA 96 compliant with hinged...

  • Price: $85.99